June 29, 2022

Ready, Set, Move to make Muskogee work ready

Ready, Set, Move to make Muskogee work ready

Employers are struggling to find employees with a record number of job openings locally and nationally.

The Port of Muskogee’s economic workforce development effort is helping employers by creating tools.

The City of Muskogee and Muskogee County understands the importance of recruiting talent to the community.

Ready, Set, Move is a $10,000 incentive for home ownership to encourage new talent to Muskogee.

Monday, June 29 the City of Muskogee Foundation supported the Port’s proposal to incentivize employees of Muskogee area businesses to build or purchase a home in Muskogee limits.

Companies can apply for newly created or hard-to-fill positions. Wage and sector restrictions will apply. A full list of criteria can be found here.

“The incentive can be awarded to those making more than 110% of the average county wage in sectors that provide for greater earning potential and add investment in our community,” said Darla Heller, Port of Muskogee Workforce Development. “This was truly a brave move by the City of Muskogee Foundation and their support communicates that Muskogee is truly work-ready. We hope this will become a tool that can be used to increase high-wage talent and encourage home buying in the city of Muskogee.”

This incentive will also address the healthcare and education sectors.

“We understand that our public-school districts and our healthcare facilities are struggling to recruit, our proposal to include classroom teachers and healthcare workers communicates that we are committed to building a stronger more vibrant community,” said Kimbra Scott, Port Director.

The Port also announced an interactive job board making it easier for companies to connect with the talent they need. The Work Ready Muskogee job board is still a work in progress.

To review positions go to jobs.muskogeeport.com/jobs or to add your company, contact darla@muskogeeport.com.

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