Muskogee's K-12 education system stands as a testament to our commitment to fostering excellence in our youth, an advantage that truly sets our city apart. With dedicated educators and state-of-the art academic and athletics facilities, our two public school systems provide students with a safe and unmatched learning environment that prepares students for a bright future.


Our city boasts not one, but two outstanding public school systems that underscore our dedication to educational excellence. Muskogee Public Schools (MPS) and Hilldale Public Schools stand as pillars of academic achievement, offering families the opportunity to provide their children with a top-tier education.

MPS excels in providing a high-quality learning environment with a strong commitment to student success. Its dedicated educators and top-notch facilities create a foundation for students to thrive and excel academically.

Hilldale Public Schools is equally renowned for its holistic approach to education. Their faculty not only prioritizes rigorous academic programs but also places a strong emphasis on character development. Hilldale nurtures well-rounded individuals, focusing on both academic excellence and the cultivation of in-demand career skills.

These two exemplary school systems provide parents with diverse and exceptional choices for their children's education, ensuring that the city remains a hub of educational opportunity and student success.

  • 4,800+ Students Enrolled in Public Schools
  • 85% Public School Graduation Rate
  • 100% Graduation Rate at Hilldale High School with 2,000+ Students Enrolled
academic programs

steam center

The Muskogee STEAM Center is a beacon of innovation and opportunity for young minds, and helped redefine education in our community. With over 1,500 students served annually, this center has revealed the transformative power of STEAM learning, sparking a passion for science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics in students of all ages.

Beyond statistics, it’s the heartwarming stories that speak volumes, from children discovering their inner scientists, autistic individuals thriving in welcoming environment, and families finding a place for intellectual stimulation and fun. Education opportunities like this are proven game-changers for young learners, impacting school attendance, fostering a lifelong love of learning, and positively shaping the next generation of residents.

academic programs

Oklahoma School for the Blind

The Oklahoma School for the Blind offers individualized academic, social and vocational education, evaluations, and outreach services to Oklahoma’s blind and visually impaired children and youth. The institution is dedicated to providing a comprehensive educational experience that goes beyond academics, encompassing social and vocational dimensions. Their outreach services extend their impact beyond the school walls, fostering a collaborative network that supports the growth and development of the students. The Oklahoma School for the Blind, is not just an educational institution; it is a community dedicated to empowering and equipping students for a future filled with possibilities.

Featured Facility

Rougher Village

The Rougher Village Athletic Campus at Muskogee Public Schools sets the stage for a new era of high school athletic excellence, with a cutting-edge varsity stadium and activity center that redefines sports in our community. This new $32,000,000 facility is the proud home of Rougher athletics, featuring a 7,000-seat stadium, a varsity gymnasium accommodating over 1,700 spectators, locker rooms, a well-equipped weight room, modern classrooms, and offices for our dedicated staff. It’s not just a place for unforgettable sporting events; it’s a place where dreams are forged, talents are honed, and the Muskogee spirit of resilience shines brighter than ever before. There’s truly no other place in Oklahoma that shapes champions like Rougher Village.

Public schools in Muskogee go beyond academics; they cultivate well-rounded individuals with strong character and a passion for learning. Our dedicated educators and top-notch facilities provide an environment where students not only excel academically but also grow as responsible and compassionate members of our community. Josh Nixon PRINCIPAL OF HILLDALE HIGH SCHOOL


Muskogee Wins State Football Championship

EDMOND — Muskogee High School defeated Stillwater, 28-26, to win the Class 6A II state football championship Friday at Chad Richison Stadium in Edmond. It is the Roughers’ 10th state football championship — their first since 1986. Stillwater scored with less than 30 seconds remaining the game to pull within two points. Muskogee stopped Stillwater’s...

Muskogee Wins State Football Championship