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Higher Education

Whether you’re looking for a pool of skilled talent or customized training solutions, Muskogee has the workforce development resources to push your business to the next level.


Muskogee’s strong community college system and workforce development resources mean customized training and skilled talent is at your fingertips. As a certified Center for Workforce Excellence by the State of Oklahoma, we know that education and state-of-the-art industrial training are at the heart of any sustainable talent pipeline. This is made evident by our game-changing local talent incentives and our region’s robust network of two and four-year colleges that are committed to providing quality, accessible educational opportunities to more than 13,800 students. Muskogee is not just a place of education; it's a springboard to a world of opportunities, where your ambitions can become reality.

  • 24 Post-Secondary Institutions within 60 Miles
  • 13,800 Annual Graduates within 60 Miles
  • 2,140+ Post-Secondary Programs Offered within 60 Miles
higher education


Discover your path to success with Indian Capital Technology Center, your gateway to innovation and affordable training. Whether you’re seeking a full-time career major, short-term course, or online learning, we’re here to equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to excel in today’s dynamic job market. Our commitment to personalized learning extends to our customized business and industry services, ensuring that your workforce is always ahead of the curve. With five conveniently located campuses in Muskogee, Sallisaw, Stilwell, Coweta, and Tahlequah, we’re ready to serve you and your educational aspirations. At ICTC, we believe in empowering individuals and businesses with the tools for a brighter future. Join us and let your journey towards success begin.

Higher Education

Northeastern State University

Northeastern State University is a leading comprehensive university in Oklahoma, with a Muskogee campus established in 1993. The campus accommodates around 1,400 students annually, offering a range of undergraduate and graduate degrees, including health care programs and the bachelor’s degree in Organizational Leadership as part of Oklahoma’s Reach Higher Degree Completion Program. NSU Muskogee actively participates in the statewide initiative since 2006, led by Dr. Kimberly Williams. Alongside academic offerings, the campus engages in community service and hosts various local events each year.

Higher Education

Bacone College

Bacone College, with its rich history as an American Indian-serving institution, stands as a beacon of excellence in Muskogee. Our commitment to providing a quality, holistic, liberal arts education creates a unique and culturally diverse environment that sets the stage for a transformative educational experience. At Bacone, we honor the traditions and knowledge of the past while fostering innovation for the future. Our campus is more than just a place of learning; it’s a community where students from all backgrounds come together to explore their full potential. 

Higher Education

Connors State College

Connors State College stands as a pillar of quality education, with fully accredited campuses in both Warner and Muskogee. Our commitment to academic excellence is reflected in the diverse range of degrees we offer, including Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, and Associate of Applied Science programs. With a dedicated faculty, state-of-the-art facilities, and a dynamic learning environment, we empower students to embark on educational journeys that lay the foundation for a successful future. At Connors State College, we nurture academic growth and help students take their first steps towards achieving their aspirations.


At Muskogee, we’re redefining the cost of living. Experience a vibrant, affordable lifestyle without compromise, and discover how you can stretch your dollars further than any other place in America while enjoying the abundance only our community can offer.

When you're thinking about a career or a career change, Muskogee is blessed to have a technical college, a junior college, and two universities. In a town this size, you don't often find those opportunities. Kim Williams Community Affairs Manager, OG&E

Kim Williams

A transplant who traded Dallas for Muskogee


New Mexico Based Company Chooses Muskogee for Expansion

Muskogee, OK – Port Muskogee is excited to announce a New Mexico based company has chosen Muskogee for expansion. With the recent acquisition of the former Muskogee Metal Fabricators building and business, the group brings over 70 years of expertise in manufacturing commercial tanks. Their decision to invest in Muskogee was driven by strategic factors, including...

New Mexico Based Company Chooses Muskogee for Expansion