At the heart of our mission is to create a community where living is synonymous with thriving, and that begins with prioritizing and investing in public safety. We understand that in every community, safety is paramount, and our proactive approach to law enforcement and our first responders ensures that our city is a place where residents can live and work without worry.


Safety is the cornerstone of any community. And while we understand that every city faces unique challenges and circumstances, our community has taken proactive steps to ensure that Muskogee is a haven where residents can live, work, and flourish with absolute peace of mind.

Our law enforcement agencies are dedicated to maintaining a secure environment, and our investments in modern policing strategies like body cameras, community-oriented programs, and pioneering public initiatives have set the standard for safety. By fostering transparency and collaboration between law enforcement and the community, we've built a foundation of trust that not only deters crime but also ensures that Muskogee remains a vibrant and secure place to call home.

  • 85+ Dedicated Police Officers Represent The City of Muskogee Police Department
  • 5+ Committed Special Divisions Teams Make Up the Police Department including K-9, Investigations, and Special Operations
Public Safety

Crime Prevention

We prioritize the safety and well-being of our community through comprehensive crime prevention initiatives. Our approach encompasses both short and long-range efforts, ensuring a proactive stance against criminal activities. For immediate impact, MPD implements highly visible preventive patrols in high-problem areas, employing directed aggressive patrols and field interrogations to deter potential offenders. Simultaneously, our focus extends to the long term, with hazard-oriented preventive patrols identifying and correcting potential areas of concern within our community. 

Education is a cornerstone of our crime prevention strategy, with targeted programs in schools alerting our youth to the dangers and consequences of criminal behavior. The Muskogee Police Department conducts specialized programs for businesses and civic organizations, offering insights into crime prevention strategies.

Public safety

Emergency Services

Experience peace of mind in Muskogee with our efficient and responsive emergency services. At the heart of our safety network is the Muskogee 911 Center, the central dispatch hub for all emergency services, including police, fire, and ambulance. Our dedicated team ensures swift and coordinated responses to any situation, prioritizing the well-being of our community. Whether it’s a police matter, a fire emergency, or a medical situation, Muskogee’s emergency services are equipped and ready to handle every call with precision and care.

Public Safety

Community Preparedness

Muskogee is committed to fostering a culture of preparedness, and at the forefront is the City of Muskogee Emergency Management office. Driven by the mission of “Saving Lives,” this dedicated team actively engages with the community to impart crucial knowledge of emergency preparedness. The Emergency Management team focuses on sharing ways to minimize the effects of technological and natural disasters by preparing, implementing, and exercising preparedness plans, and coordinating actual disaster response/recovery operations. These devoted individuals, formally trained by the National Weather Service, willingly put themselves in harm’s way, providing on-the-ground, real-time severe weather information. They are responsible for storm-spotting, tornado alerting, flood watches, and disaster recovery.

Building a foundation of trust with law enforcement not only deters crime but also ensures that Muskogee remains a vibrant and secure place to call home. Our officers are committed to making Muskogee a model for community safety. Andy Simmons Muskogee County Sheriff


Muskogee Police unveils Medical Support Unit

Officers within unit provide care until medical help arrives. By Ronn Rowland Muskogee Police Officer Taylor Pevehouse said she, at times, felt helpless at the scene of an incident.  Pevehouse, along with Officers Sam Antar and Garrett Dunlap, make up the Medical Support Unit, a division of the department that provides trauma care until...

Muskogee Police unveils Medical Support Unit