In Muskogee, you’ll find a robust and thriving industrial base built on the skilled and dedicated hands of Oklahomans.


Muskogee's legacy in advanced manufacturing, automotive, construction materials, and food processing has set the stage for a new era of industrial innovation. Muskogee is home to some of the largest companies in advanced manufacturing, automotive, construction materials and food processing. Muskogee's reputation for skill and innovation has allowed us to attract and retain some of the largest and most successful companies in these sectors.

Our reputation for skill and innovation has evolved into emerging industries that are helping usher in the next chapter of America’s industrial renaissance. As Oklahoma’s #5 city for capital investment, momentum is happening in Muskogee, as evidenced by the recent investments from industries like tech, energy, aviation and battery and electric vehicle suppliers.

  • 530,000 + People Employed Within 45 Minutes
  • $7.3 Billion GDP within the Muskogee Region
  • 450-Acre Port Located on Year-Round Navigable Waterway in the US
  • #5 County in Oklahoma for Capital Investment

Port Muskogee

Located at the confluence of the Arkansas, Verdigris, and Grand Rivers, Port Muskogee is a 450-acre industrial park providing direct, year-round access to the nation’s most inland waterway. Known for its unmatched location as one of the most inland ports in America, this established multimodal complex offers companies inland waterway access to 20 states and global seaports by way of the Gulf of Mexico.

For decades, industries have relied on the port for rapid-market access and global connections that are backed by a skilled workforce, a cost-effective business environment, and a wealth of local incentives. In Muskogee, you can truly have it all from the center of it all.

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Muskogee, Oklahoma, stands as a beacon of industry, home to major employers that have made a significant impact on the local and global economy. Muskogee is proud to be the home of world-renowned brands like Georgia-Pacific, Dal-Tile and countless other success stories for companies in advanced manufacturing, automotive, construction materials and food processing. From world-class manufacturing facilities to cutting-edge technology companies, Muskogee boasts a diverse array of major employers, each contributing to the city’s growth and prosperity. Muskogee is the clear choice for businesses seeking success, growth, and a future that thrives on the timeless values of hard work and quality craftsmanship.


Advanced Manufacturing

Companies from all over the world are drawn to Muskogee for one simple reason: our work ethic is just as strong as our location. For generations, advanced manufacturing companies have found success and opportunity in Muskogee, thanks to our unmatched access to global markets and a skilled workforce who still takes pride in what they make. Whether you’re a business looking to reach new markets, hire skilled talent, reduce operating costs or simply choose to work in a state without red tape, Muskogee is the easy choice for any manufacturing operations.


Construction Materials

From shipping and receiving materials by barge to sourcing materials right in the company’s own backyard, Muskogee has major advantages for the construction materials industry. With a myriad of advantages, ranging from efficient material transport by barge to local sourcing options, this city provides an ideal environment for manufacturing excellence. Home to industry giants such as Daltile and Red River Brick, renowned for their expertise in ceramic flooring and brick production, Muskogee has established itself as a hub of innovation. Its existing supply-chain network, complemented by a wealth of skilled talent and ample industrial land, has positioned Muskogee as the prime location for manufacturing operations.



Muskogee is ideally situated to meet the needs of OEMs and part supplier manufacturers, due to its central location, low business costs, right-to-work status, high-achieving schools and dependable, skilled workforce. Located within the Northeast Oklahoma Automotive Corridor, Muskogee is anchored by an existing network of automotive manufacturers and surrounded by thousands of acres of developable industrial land. As the industry evolves towards electric vehicles, Muskogee stands ready to meet the ever-growing talent and operational demands, offering a promising and dynamic future for automotive innovation.


Food Processing

Nestled in the heart of the United States, Muskogee, Oklahoma, has earned its reputation as a thriving hub for the food processing industry. With close proximity to major ports, railways, interstates, and a robust utilities infrastructure, Muskogee offers the perfect logistical advantage for global food processing companies. In a state celebrated for its rich agricultural heritage, it’s only natural that food manufacturing operations excel here. For over a century, industry leaders like Griffin Foods have harnessed the boundless natural resources and the skilled hands of Oklahomans to produce and deliver some of the world’s most recognized and respected food brands. Join us in Muskogee, where tradition and innovation come together to create a delicious, world-renowned future for the food processing industry.

We have loved partnering with the Port, they are fantastic at supporting Muskogee's industrial base. They offer us great resources for grants and opportunities. JULIE BRUMMETT ACME ENGINEERING & MANUFACTURING


New Mexico Based Company Chooses Muskogee for Expansion

Muskogee, OK – Port Muskogee is excited to announce a New Mexico based company has chosen Muskogee for expansion. With the recent acquisition of the former Muskogee Metal Fabricators building and business, the group brings over 70 years of expertise in manufacturing commercial tanks. Their decision to invest in Muskogee was driven by strategic factors, including...

New Mexico Based Company Chooses Muskogee for Expansion