February 20, 2024

City of Muskogee Foundation Launches ‘Muskogee Means More’

City of Muskogee Foundation Launches ‘Muskogee Means More’

Muskogee, OK – The City of Muskogee Foundation, along with partners from the Muskogee Chamber of Commerce, the City of Muskogee, and Port Muskogee, announced the launch of the “Muskogee Means More” campaign. As Muskogee continues on a path of positive growth, this campaign aims to promote the collective spirit of the community. By emphasizing the city’s distinct advantages and celebrating the diversity of its residents, “Muskogee Means More” is poised to strengthen civic pride and foster a profound sense of connection among current and future residents.

The initiative underscores Muskogee’s appeal, showcasing advantages such as affordability, remarkable public schools, a thriving job market, and an entrepreneurial-friendly environment.

“‘Muskogee Means More’ reflects the soul of our city, a heartfelt tribute to our rich culture, unique character and the diverse people who call it home,” City of Muskogee Foundation Chair Wren Stratton said, “When we say ‘Muskogee Means More,’ we’re talking about a deeper connection to our hometown, a stronger sense of community, and a future full of opportunity. We invite you to help us spread the word.”

The campaign launches with a state-of-the-art website at MuskogeeMeansMore.com and features an interactive cost-of-living tool and a list of key resources. It also includes a video series called “Meet Muskogee” that features testimonials from proud residents that bring Muskogee to life. The website and video series will be promoted through a digital advertising campaign within the community and to potential residents outside of Muskogee.

The centerpiece of the marketing initiative is a logo designed and inspired by renowned early 20th century Muscogee artist and Director of the Bacone College Art Department Acee Blue Eagle. The logo’s color palette and design elements are derived from Blue Eagle’s “Thunderbird”, which currently resides at Gilcrease Museum in Tulsa. The painting also served as inspiration for the insignia of the 45th Infantry of the National Guard.

“‘Muskogee Means More’ is more than just a slogan; it’s a vibrant reflection of our community,” said Muskogee Chamber of Commerce President Angela Wilson, “Muskogee is a place where people at any stage of life can flourish. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a family, or a recent graduate, Muskogee offers more than you can imagine.”

This strategic initiative coincides with a transformative period for Muskogee, marked by significant economic growth. Ranking #2 in Capital Investment in Oklahoma last year, Muskogee continues to make headlines with Port Muskogee’s announcement of two significant economic developments in the tech and electric vehicle industries. Named the #1 Most Affordable City, Muskogee is also leading the way with innovative workforce development and talent solutions, including the Ready.Set.Move. initiative, offering a $10,000 incentive to qualifying professionals relocating to Muskogee and purchasing a home.

“Our city’s legacy of skill and innovation not only defines our past but is propelling us into the forefront of emerging industries,” said Port Muskogee Deputy Port Director Jeff Underwood, “As we launch the ‘Muskogee Means More’ campaign, we celebrate not just our city’s character but the promise of an even more vibrant future, built on the foundation of our skilled workforce and innovative spirit.”

The community campaign coincides with the opening of the City of Muskogee Foundation’s new office. Since 2008, the Foundation has invested nearly $100 million in the community and plans to invest an additional $2 million in the 2024 grant cycle.

About The City of Muskogee Foundation
With a mission to make a real difference, the City of Muskogee Foundation was established in 2008 to effectively develop, support, promote, and improve programs and facilities relating to education, arts, culture, community revitalization and beautification, social services, health care, economic development, infrastructure, housing, and recreation for the City of Muskogee and surrounding areas and to improve the quality of life of residents of Muskogee. Learn more at cityofmuskogeefoundation.org

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